brooklyn caterers

    Brooklyn caterers tend to be a busy bunch, but there’s a very good reason why — brooklyn catering is fundamental to a successful social life in the most renowned neighborhood of New York City When people visit New York, they typically stick to the advertised tourist traps of Midtown and Lower East Side night life. But Brooklyn offers a decidedly exciting and more affordable New York City adventure and a large contribution to this is the food catering. People don’t realize this, but the art openings, musical get togethers, and even some restaurants and dinner events hosted at restaurants are catered by local Brooklyn caterers thatRead More →

    Tekoso Media is proud to announce the launch of their web hosting services ranging from shared hosting to full fledged premium dedicated and cloud services For Immediate Release: Tekoso Media is working with data centers across the globe to help provide affordable web hosting packages to businesses small and large. We want to see your ecommerce store, internet marketing product, online portfolio or start-up become a success and we’re well equipped to do it! Our new services include (but aren’t limited to) shared hosting starting as low as $1.20/month, VPS hosting, KVM hosting for isolated server experiences, and dedicated services both managed and unmanaged forRead More →

    NHS Ransomware Cyber-Attack Was Preventable

    Conor Deane-McKenna, University of Birmingham In a matter of hours, the NHS was effectively placed on lockdown with computer systems being held ransom and further machines powered down to prevent the spread of malware. Critical patient information has been inaccessible and several hospitals urged people to avoid accident and emergency departments, except in cases of real emergencies. Ransomware is the form of computer malware that has infected the NHS. Typically, it encrypts user information and then demands payment before unlocking the information. In this case the ransomware demands a fee of US$300 (£230) payable in the crypto-currency, bitcoin, allowing the perpetrators a degree of anonymity.Read More →

    How Understanding Animals Can Help Us Make The Most of Artificial Intelligence

    Heather Roff, Arizona State University Every day countless headlines emerge from myriad sources across the globe, both warning of dire consequences and promising utopian futures – all thanks to artificial intelligence. AI “is transforming the workplace,” writes the Wall Street Journal, while Fortune magazine tells us that we are facing an “AI revolution” that will “change our lives.” But we don’t really understand what interacting with AI will be like – or what it should be like. It turns out, though, that we already have a concept we can use when we think about AI: It’s how we think about animals. As a former animalRead More →